Institutional Readiness | Quality 101

Is your institution ready to tackle a quality or patient safety imperative? A critical component of success is engaging your leaders and peers in conducting a readiness assessment to determine whether your institution has the infrastructure and support needed to embark upon a new initiative. Hospitals must evaluate whether they have the institutional capacity to initiate, support and sustain improvement projects. There are multiple tools and resources that can help you assess institutional readiness, culture, and capacity.

Assessments and Guides for Evaluating Readiness:

  1. Hospital Survey on Patient Safety

    Healthcare organizations can use this survey tool to:

    • Raise staff awareness about patient safety
    • Diagnose and assess the current status of patient safety culture
    • Identify strengths and areas for patient safety culture improvement
    • Examine trends in patient safety culture change over time
    • Evaluate the cultural impact of patient safety initiatives and interventions
    • Conduct internal and external comparisons
  2. Clinical Microsystem Assessment Tool and Diagnostic
    These documents were designed to help you identify improvement opportunities in the 10 success characteristics of high-performing microsystems (or individual clinical units).

  3. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Readiness Assessment Process and Tool
    The results of this survey provide a “climate report” on an institution’s readiness to implement performance improvement initiatives.

  4. Is Your Organization Ready For Accountable Care? How to Implement a Readiness Assessment and Establish Priorities
    Determining whether an institution is prepared for accountable care is similar to assessing whether the institution is ready for implementing new quality and patient safety initiatives—many of the accountable care assessment criteria described in this article can be applied to performance improvement.

  5. Organizational Readiness to Change Assessment (ORCA): Development of an Instrument Based on the Promoting Action on Research in Health Services (PARIHS) Framework
    The ORCA was designed by the VA to assess organizational readiness to change in preparation for testing interventions designed to implement evidence-based changes in clinical practice.

  6. Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals: A Toolkit for Improving Quality
    This toolkit provides a comprehensive overview for asking the right questions to better understand the hospital’s readiness for change and includes a Leadership Support Assessment.