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A stakeholder is an individual whose perspective and/or role is critical to a process. Identifying and including stakeholders in your project team from the beginning is critical for success. In addition, it is important to identify existing committees or teams in the hospital that are already working to improve related clinical topics or processes and determine how to link to or integrate existing efforts.

Team Membership may include:

  • Clinical nursing staff
  • Physicians involved in the process (including residents if present at your hospital)
  • Primary care physicians/ follow-up specialty physicians
  • Allied health professionals (nurse-practitioners and physician assistants)
  • Quality improvement staff
  • Social work
  • Case management
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Records department
  • Hospital informatics
  • Home care referral coordinator
  • Data analyst
  • Nutrition/dietary
  • Patients who have been hospitalized at your institution in the past
  • Family/caregiver

It is essential to include individuals who are invested in and see the value standardizing the process. Also, consider including patients/families as content experts on your team, as they have a perspective that is unique and critical to all the efforts of your team. Ad hoc members, or people whose input will be required only periodically should also be considered. Examples may include representatives from billing/coding services and finance. View a sample form to help you (A) identify key stakeholders, committees and special groups and (B) clarify the reporting structure and approval process for your interventions and resources needed.

View the Tool to Identify Key Stakeholders.

If you need additional support in leading a quality improvement effort, SHM’s signature programs can guide your team through each phase and provide individual mentoring in areas such as care transitions (Project BOOST®), Glycemic Control (GC), Medication Reconciliation (MARQUIS), Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB) and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). We also provide resources by clinical topic to help you find exactly what you need.

No matter where you are in the spectrum, SHM can assist you in your efforts. SHM encourages you to join the QI community and view the calendar for up to date information on key events and discussions around the quality and innovation movement.

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