Information for Hospitalists on Legal Issues, Contracts, and Negotiation

NOTE: Citations below are to the Legal Eagle column in The Hospitalist unless otherwise noted

Hospitalist Employment Contracts, Employment Models


  • The AMA Office of General Counsel and the AMA Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) developed the Annotated Model Physician-Hospital Employment Agreement in April 2011 (Model Agreement). The Model Agreement seeks to "assist those physicians contemplating or entering into employment contracts with hospitals or related entities in evaluating contracts proposed by the hospital." SHM's Practice Management Committee reviewed and commented on the Model Agreement.
  • A Sample Hospitalist Contract from the ACHE website. The contract has: 1) compensation via a base salary plus a case rate for each new patient; 2) a non-compete clause; and 3) a sample job description

Hospitalist (hospitalist group) and Hospital (large medical group, health system, ACO) Contracts


Medical Liability and Malpractice


    • Chapter 132: Ethics in Hospital Medicine by Shaun Frost
    • Chapter 133: Medical Malpractice by S. Sandy Sanbar
    • Chapter 134: Legal Issues in Hospitalist-Hospital Relationships by Andrew M. Knoll
    • Chapter 135: Developing and Maintaining the Physician-Hospital Relationship by Richard Rohr