Value Added/Return On Investment for Hospital Medicine Groups

Hospital Medicine Groups (HMGs) often require financial support from their hospitals, medical groups, or other institutions to fully cover the expense of operating their practices. Because of this need for financial support, HMGs need to be able to document the value they provide. To this end, an HMG may be asked to prepare a return on investment (ROI) analysis that demonstrates how hospitalists are impacting the finances of their hospital.

To support HMGs in their efforts to document the value they provide and/or prepare an ROI analysis, the Society of Hospital Medicine has assembled the resources listed below.

“The Classics”

There are several “classic” articles that HMG leaders may want to reference to preparing an ROI analysis or presentation.

Literature Reviews

The Society of Hospital Medicine staff conducted a literature review on the topics of “value,” “return on investment,” and “business case” in healthcare.

Society of Hospital Medicine Programs

The Society of Hospital Medicine’s Leadership Academy and Certificate of Leadership in Hospital Medicine Program can provide HMG leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to document the value of their programs and prepare ROI analyses.

Sample Presentations

Leaders of two successful HMGs have created sample presentations that can be helpful to other HMG leaders as they develop presentations or reports to the executive teams of their hospitals.

Other Resources