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Nominate a Master in Hospital Medicine

Deadline for nominations: December 17, 2014

Who Can Be Nominated for Master in Hospital Medicine (MHM)?

Masters in Hospital Medicine are distinguished by the excellence and significance of his or her contributions to the field of hospital medicine and healthcare as a whole. They have been selected because of:

  • Personal character
  • Positions of honor
  • Contributions towards furthering the goals of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM)
  • Distinction in practice
  • Education
  • Medical research
  • Other achievements in science or in the art of hospital medicine

MHM nominees must be highly accomplished individuals in the hospital medicine specialty. Evidence of their achievements can come from many types of activities, such as:

  • Excellence in clinical care
  • Healthcare initiatives
  • Education
  • Research
  • Writing and publication
  • Volunteerism
  • Administrative positions

Current members of the SHM Board are not eligible for nomination or selection as Masters in Hospital Medicine.

Expectations for Master in Hospital Medicine

For mastership, SHM involvement is expected (with rare exceptions.) While most Masters will be physicians and hospitalists, non-physicians and non-hospitalists of exceptional merit and contributions to SHM and hospital medicine including SHM employees and contractors may be nominated for mastership.

Requirements for the Master in Hospital Medicine

Those considered for mastership must have the following requirements/eligibility:

  • Two letters of nomination must be submitted to the Masters Selection Committee
  • Only Fellows, Senior Fellows, and Masters may submit nomination letters for consideration of mastership
  • At least one of the nomination letters must come from a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine  (SFHM) or Master in Hospital Medicine (MHM)
  • An up-to-date CV of the candidate must accompany the nomination

Because of the significance of this recognition, candidates may not self-nominate.

Master in Hospital Medicine Nomination Process

The Masters Selection Committee reviews nominees for mastership. The committee will make their recommendations for final approval to the SHM Board of Directors which will also have access to the entire list of candidates.

The letters in support of nominees who have not been accepted for mastership will be valid for only the following year. After two years of consideration new letters must be submitted.

Please direct all inquiries and submissions to Patrick Vulgamore at