Fellow Registration

Fellow in Hospital Medicine Criteria

All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements summarized below and outlined in detail within the application materials in order to earn the Fellow in Hospital Medicine (FHM) designation.

The criteria for earning the FHM designation demonstrate a candidate’s commitment to hospital medicine. The criteria include elements consistent for all candidates, such as:

  • Five years as a practicing hospitalist
  • No disciplinary action which resulted in the suspension or revocation of credentials or license within five years
  • Endorsement by two active Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) members

Additional criteria enable the candidate to show their personal dedication in any or all of three disciplines, each key to the success of any hospitalist:

  • Teamwork
  • Quality improvement
  • Leadership

The candidate has the ability to select from several categories of performance and experience to tailor the application to their practice experience.

Requirements for a Fellow in Hospital Medicine Designation

To achieve the FHM designation, applicants must successfully:

  • Fulfill all of the necessary eligibility criteria as outlined below
  • Demonstrate experience in hospital medicine leadership, teamwork and quality improvement by achieving the requisite number of points from the Hospital Medicine Core Competency criteria

Important to Note:

  • Applications will remain active until final deadline of Jan 9, 2015.
  • Applications will NOT be considered or maintained after deadline. Candidates must reapply if not completed or selected for Class of 2015.
  • Candidates will receive a Completed notification when all required information is submitted.
  • Candidates will receive a completed notification when endorsements are received.
  • Application fee is non refundable.

Necessary Eligibility Criteria for a Fellow in Hospital Medicine Designation

Eligible fellow applicants must fulfill all of the following:

  • For physicians: MD, DO, or equivalent foreign degree and board certification in a specialty recognized by the ABMS

    For physician assistants: PA degree and NCCPA certification

    For nurse practitioners: MSN or DNP degree and ACC, AANP, ANCC, NCBPNP/N or NCC certification

    For practice administrators: Baccalaureate (BA, BS) or equivalent foreign degree
  • Time spent on the combination of clinical and non-clinical work devoted to hospital medicine must comprise at least 50 percent of total professional activity
  • A minimum of five years as practicing hospitalist
  • A minimum of three years as a member of SHM
  • Current SHM membership is in good standing, and payment of dues is up to date (a lapse in membership will result in loss of fellow status)
  • Registration and attendance at a minimum of one SHM annual meeting plus one of the following:
    • One additional SHM annual meeting
    • One regional meeting (e.g. San Francisco, Southern, Midwest)
    • One SHM Leadership Academy course
    • One national Pediatric Hospital Medicine Meeting (sponsored by SHM, AAP and APA)
    • One Canadian Hospital Medicine Society national meeting
    • SHM/AAPA Bootcamp
  • Endorsement via letters of recommendation by two active SHM members who have been in good standing for at least two years
  • No history of professional disciplinary action resulting in suspension or revocation of credentials or license within the past five years
  • View a PDF of the Hospital Medicine Core Competency points requirements for the following: