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Award of  Excellence

Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services

Click here to submit your application. Applications are due by October 13, 2014.

The Society of Hospital Medicine(SHM) presented the first-ever Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services in 2014.

This award is highlights the volunteer effort SHM members provide to at-risk populations above and beyond the hospital care provided to patients and their families during daily activities as hospitalists.

Criteria for Evaluation

While all of the following may not apply to each candidate, the Awards Committee uses the following criteria as a basis for evaluation:

  • Service to disadvantaged populations, locally, nationally, or internationally
  • May be a single event or on-going over many years
  • Preference given to medical care vs. other non-medical humanitarian services
  • May be voluntary or compensated position, but services provided are not motivated by financial compensation (compensation is not commensurate with services)

Eligibility for Awards

Any current SHM member other than board members, officers, or SHM Awards Committee members is eligible to apply.

Please note: All nominees must be SHM members. Nominees may be self-nominated.

Submission Requirements

All submissions for the Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services require the following:

  • Nominee's name, title, organization, phone number and email address (if this is not a self-nomination, include your relationship to the nominee)
  • A 1-2 page letter, either self-nomination or from another party addressing the specific criteria that are the basis for evaluation for the award of the nominee being considered.

Note: In stage two, a CV is required, a second letter of support, and documentation of services provided (article in local newspaper, sponsoring group publication, website etc.)

Nominations must be submitted by Fall 2014.

Nominate now.

Please email or call 800-843-3360 with any questions or for additional information.