Reviewer and Chair Resources

Abstract reviewers, chairs and judges are vital to the success of the RIV program. These teams of volunteers with varying interests, backgrounds and levels of experience share an interest in supporting professional development and keeping abreast of emerging research and practice trends.

Each year, abstracts submitted in the three categories—research, innovations and vignettes—are scored by a corresponding review team overseen by two chairs. The category chairs lead the process, including meetings to discuss decisions such as the candidates for plenary sessions and oral presentations, and the finalists for the poster competition. The RIV Program Chair assists with each of the meetings and provides strategic direction as needed, while moderating the "Best of Research and Innovations," plenary session onsite at the annual meeting.

Also onsite at the annual meeting, the overall chair, and the chairs of each category, lead members of the review teams in the judging process for the poster and oral abstract competitions.

In this section you will find:

  • Review Process Key Dates
  • RIV: Reviewer Snapshot
  • RIV Section Chair Snapshot

Review Process Key Dates: Coming soon

    RIV: Reviewer Snapshot

    Anyone is welcome to apply to serve as a reviewer on the Research, Innovations and Clinical Vignettes (RIV) abstract review teams. The process requires a time commitment of approximately eight hours. Based on the date of the annual meeting, review activities typically take place in December and January, so please evaluate the timeline before committing to be a reviewer. Because of the large number of submissions, it is essential that each reviewer keeps his/her commitment as a courtesy to the submitters and the review team chairs.

    Time commitment snapshot for RIV reviewers (approximately eight total hours):

    • Familiarization with the RIV guidelines and process (especially for first-time reviewers): one to two hours
    • Abstract review and scoring: three to five hours, between 30 and 40 abstracts
    • Conference calls to discuss abstracts with chairs and finalize decisions: two hours

    As a reviewer, you are also expected, if possible, to judge the poster finalists onsite at the meeting as part of the competition. If you would like to serve as an RIV reviewer, please first see the Review Process Key Dates and then complete the reviewer request form.

    RIV Section Chair Snapshot

    Each section of the RIV has two co-chairs. Each serves for two years, and rotating on and off is staggered so that both co-chairs do not rotate at the same time. RIV chairs make all final decisions relative to the abstracts selected for poster and oral presentations during the annual meeting. The process requires a time commitment of approximately twenty to thirty hours. Based on the date of the annual meeting, review activities take place in December and January, so please evaluate the timeline before committing to be a chair. In addition to identifying the plenary and oral presenters, and finalists for the poster competition, chairs are responsible for:

    • Communicating with prior and potential reviewers to finalize abstract review team each year
    • Performing a quick scan of all submissions in their category for proper categorization and to identify submissions of interest
    • Reviewing abstracts identified as conflicts of interest by the reviewers (usually four to six)
    • Reviewing the score reports and normalizing the scores
    • Deciding the threshold score for acceptance or for further discussion with the reviewer team
    • Scoring any abstracts that were not scored by reviewers (usually five to ten, but can be more)
    • Attending typically two to three conference calls with the review teams to discuss the abstracts and select the plenary, oral and finalist candidates
    • Ad hoc calls/communication with co-chair of your section to discuss any issues or activities
    • Attending potential other conference calls with RIV section chairs depending on need
    • Answering questions from the review team and SHM staff
    • Facilitating the judging process onsite at the annual meeting.
    • Advising on the RIV process and the RIV guidelines
    • Serving a maximum two-year term